Packaging directives

Our firm put in the practice the directives of the HPE packaging technology.


ISPM-15 heat treatment norm:

The FAO established a norm with the marking ISPM-15 for the control of parasites in the wood packing materials of the international trade. The norm was put in many countries in the world and the contol of practice is demanded from authorities institutes working on the border.

ISPM norm:

The ISPM-15 norm is a decree to regulate the wooden packing materials in the international trade.


Aim of the norm:

The norm ISPM-15 was introduced to spreading the global expansion of the bioinfections (insects, cylinder worms) which can be in the sawn timber.


Founder, approval:

On the level of the Europian Union on behalf of the United Nations Food (FAO) worked out the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) the technical and the administrative directive norms with this aim, that the member-state should lead in and apply to. In Hungary publish the decree of the norm the Ministry of Agriculture – and Provincial development. The registration of the norm was made by the colleagues of NTKSZ and FAIMEI..


On which kind of wooden packiging materials can use for the ISPM-15?

The ISPM-15 can used for raw material of pine-trees and broad-leaved as well. The norm not concerns to composite materials (plywood, OSB, MDF etc.) which productions technologie from the beginning preclude the survival of biotic parasites. The norm not concerns to the packiging materials which are thinner than 6 mm.


On who does concern the norm ISPM-15?

The norm concerns to them, who direct or indirect exports in whatever other counry and they uses the above-mentioned criterion suitable woden material to the production of packiging material.


What happens, when not sutable treated packiging material get to exportation?

In this case, when during the control of the packiging material the contamination takes evidence, the authorities responsible can decree the transshipment of the consignment or (with bigger likelihood) refuse the admittance of the good. The refused registration number will take on the world-net recorded. The recorded firm can later prohibited from that country, after three putting out will the registrationsnumber obligatory cancelled.



The Plant- and Soilprotecting Central Service (NTKSZ), as authority controls the observance of the order Nr: 62/2005. (VII.8.). The order pronounces, that only those firms can use the registration number ISPM-15, they had their heat treating apparatus examined with an therefore accredited laboratory und they have statement inquiry about it. Fort he time being in Hungary is only one accredited laboratory (FAIMEI).


Registration number and marking:

The registation number can used only together with the IPPC standard size stamp. The stamp must be good legible and must taken to a place which can be good seen. The measurement of the stamp isn’t given in the norm, but if the letters and numbers can be almost not read must taken bigger the surface of the stamp. The stamp can be burned or painted. If it will painted  you should avoid the yellow and red colours. The best colour is the black.


ISPM-15 stamp




On the ISPM-15 stamp are following markings:

§          IPPC: trademark

§          HU: official marking of the land with two letters

§          XX: registration number

§          HT: heat treated

§          DB: debarked

The norm allows further official identification markings too.