Full-scale service

Full-scale service

We provide our customers a full-scale service for packing of goods and equipments, no matter if the packing method is shipping, road or air transport.

Measurement and planning

The first step measurement of goods is followed by planning of goods to be packed. Packing is executed through a computer software according to the transport andshipment method. The customer can exactly see how his goods are packed on a selected spot and what kind of quality materials are used for packing. He can also follow how we reach the main objectives for our work done: safely, damage free with meeting exact delivery dates ship the goods to any parts of the World.


The third working process is the execution of the industrial packing. Here, we arrange the production of a sliding support or palette in unique measures and dimensions. During the packing we use the latest technologies, the must up-to-date raw and auxiliary materials: PE-foil,VCI materials.

  • Packing on the spot
  • We put the goods into the cases,
  • We fix them safely,
  • If it’s necessary we make a protection for anticorrosion.
  • Following this we provide the cases according to the international regulations as the norm ISPM 15 with the suitable labellings and pictograms.


As at last process cooperating with a partner enterprise we undertake the requested air, road, or railway transport or the delivery into a seeport.

1. Aim of the packing:

Mechanical and anti-steam protection of the equipments, and securing their stability during transportation.

2. Phases of packing

2.1. Starting position
We deliver the cases sheet mounted to the spot of packing. The material of the case is heat treated pine lumber, on the sides of the cases we insert pictographs according the international regulations.

2.2. Before placing the equipment into the case we spread out the two-played alu-foil. Parts are stationed on the alu-foil. The delivery, lifting, moving of parts and moving of cases is the task of the customer.

2.3. The basic frame of the product to be packed, should be on equal distance from the edge of the case-bottom. The corners and edges must be provided with suitable protection.

2.4. We fix the product on the bottom of the case to stop horizontal and vertical moving.

2.5. Inserting moisture absorbing materials

2.6. After covering the parts with foil comes the lay on the two-ply alu-sack. Later, welding of the edges takes place. From the so shaped sack we have to suck out the air and close the hole with a welding.

We understand, when you choose a company dealing with industrial packaging, one of the most important decision factor is accuracy and meeting deadlines.

Up to all current jobs we have done, our customers could be sure that their goods arrive to any selected locations on time regardless of packaging method: see, air, road or railway transportation.
We undertake industrial packing too: after individual measurement till 500 m2 within 48 hours.

Our deadline meeting statiscitcs is 100 % – that means let it be about a non-series, an express or any kind of special packing we kept the terms at hundred per cent.
‘Correspondence with international quality proceedings’ In addition to the fulfillment of exact terms we don’t forget about the packing norms of the EU or outside the EU.

We use only 100% EU regulations and norm meeting procedures

When shipping outside the EU, we maximally keep the rules and regulations of any target countries which includes packing and shipment norms also.

We use a hundred percent such kind of materials and working processes which are suitable to the regulation of the EU. In cases of transport into non European countries we use the packing instructions of the local, the country of destination and the kind of delivery (see, air transport) and accordingly them send we the goods. The used timber according to international standards ISPM 15 is heat treated in a drying boxroom and where necessary we give a plant hygienic certificate.

Your advantage is: wherever you send your product we make sure that packaging meets any local regulations and norms.

We know that packing is the last work process before transportation, where lost time coming from earlier work phases must be made up also in order to meet delivery times.

Under such circumstances fast movement of information and feedback is essential. Therefore the main pillars of our customer service includes:

E-mail response with maximum 3 hours,

the first measuring plan within 3 days.

order to take unique orders and to meet the even 48 hours packing we use fast, reliable and precise customer support system.

We give a guarantee that after the first measurement, we make a plan within 3 days. In our E-mailings our official response time is less than 3 hours. This way we can satisfy the needs of our customers practically immediately.

One of the greatest disappointments occur when the actual end-price is far away from the agreed contractual amount. We have seen examples that contracted prices raised dramatically by the end of packaging.

We take price guarantee for a given work after our measurement and planning. This means, our customers can precisely calculate with a specific amount that does not increase by payment date. There are also no hidden costs and fees just the pre-agreed price.

If the customer does not change the job details after the agreed price we offer a price guarantee: the final sum will be 100% the same as the pre-set amount of quote.